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The goal of CIH is to assure that the MEMS industry does not repeat the mistake made by the EHR vendor community which has experienced almost 20 years of clinician resistance to adoption of EHRs by failing to involve clinicians in their design processes from the beginning.

Sam Bierstock, MD, BSEE - President and Founder

Medical MEMS Strategies, Integration, and Consulting Services Company
About CIH MEMS Services

CIH views MEMS technology, in combination with innovative EHR technology, as the unquestioned future of healthcare.

MEMS technology will become the direct interface in providing real-time data to EHRs and clinical providers.

MEMS technology experts in the specific field of healthcare.

MEMS technology is right here and now, but the future is changing fast. – Learn how you can benefit…

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Keep up to date and learn about the many ways your practice can benefit from MEMS technology.

Leading healthcare informaticists familiar with the practice of clinical medicine and available EHR technologies.

Leading experts on MEMS technology, manufacturing, materials, costs of production and come-to-market processes, product availability, and on-going MEMS research and product availability.

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Q: Why should my company hire Champions In Healthcare instead of other companies offering the same services?

A: Because Champions in Healthcare offers the only strategic consulting services offered by an expert team of physicians and nurses who are also specialists in healthcare technologies and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems and MEMS industry technical experts with expertise dealing with availability, research and production of MEMS devices.

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